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1 - Prepare your Magento

  1. It is recommended to install the extension on a test server before you install it in a live store.
  2. Backup Magento files and the store database. Important: Creating backup before installation of any extensions in Magento is extremely important,especially when are working on a live store.
  3. Disable Compilation Mode in System >Tools > Compilation.
  4. Disable:
    • Magento Cache (refer to II.1.2 Disable Cache For Details)
    • Full page cache and caching module for Magento (such as Speedster)
    • Any Additional cache on your server,PHP cache engines,APC,etc. 
      Important: When developing your Magento store, in order to be able to see changes immediately, you should completely disable the cache.You can enable it after you finish configuring your store.
    • Remove all possible custom modifications of the Magento “base” theme. "alomagicproduct"(same as any Magento theme) relieson “base” theme,so any modifications of the “base” theme can change the default behavior of alomagicproduct and break some functionality.You should never edit“base” theme's files.
    • Log out from Magento admin panel. Do not just close the browser window: you need to click Log Out link to refresh the access control system.

2 - Install

2.1 Install Extension

Please following steps below:
Step 1:Upload the whole Extension package (app folder ) to your server.

Update extension to your server or copy folder app above to your Magento in localhost.

Step 2: Install extension

After the successful installation you have to run the command on Magento2 root directory

commandline: php bin/magento setup:upgrade

Also, run this commands in the Magento2 Root.

commandline: php bin/magento setup:static-content:deploy -f

You can refer the below screenshot.

After running the command, you have to log into the admin panel and you have to clear the Cache.

You can refer to the below screenshot.

Step 3: Finish installer.

The following chapter describes some of the basic Magento settings and features. Please note that as authors of this theme we provide support only for the issues related strictly to the extension. Support for Magento configuration/ installation/ maintenance etc is beyond the scope of our support. This chapter should be only treated as a starting point, more information about Magento can be found in Magento documentation : Magento help

1 - How to config the extension

General Configuration

To Enable/DisableMagepow Product Zoom Extension: Go to Admin Panel > Stores > Settings > Configuration > Magepow > Product Zoom. Then, select Yes to Enable module/No to Disable the module

2 - How to show your product zoom on pages

After enabling the module, we will setting the product zoom configuration. InAdmin Panel > Stores > Settings > Configuration > Magepow > Product Zoom

  • Scroll zoom: True/False to enable/disable the scroll zoom
  • Set Zoom Type : Window, Inner, Lens.

If your choice for zoom type is Window

  • Set Zoom Window Position : Select one value from 1 to 4 like as image
  • Set z-index window zoom
  • Set with of window zoom in Zoom window width
  • Set height of window zoom in Zoom window height
  • Set zoom window offetx : x-axis offset of the zoom window
  • Set zoom window offety : y-axis offset of the zoom window

  • Set Zoom Window FadeOut : Set as a number e.g 200 for speed of Window fadeOut
  • Lens Shape and Window Shape : Select two type of window shapes including Square and Round
  • Lens Colour and window Colour: Select colour of the lens or window background
  • Tint: Select true/false for enabling/disabling tint
  • Set Tint Colour : colour of the tint, can be #hex, word (red, blue), or rgb(x, x, x)
  • Set Tint Opacity : opacity of the tint

If you select lens for zoom type

  • Lens Size: used when zoomType set to lens, when zoom type is set to window, then the lens size is auto calculated
  • Lens FadeIn: Select true/false to enable/disable Fade in feature
  • Lens FadeOut:Select true/false to enable/disable Fade out feature
  • Zoom Lens: Set true/false to show/hide the zoom lens
  • Lens Border: Set width of the lens border

Note: Other attributes from Lens Shape and Window Shape stay the same

If you select inner zoom type, you just need to configure some attributes below


  • Set Cursor : The default cursor is usually the arrow, if using a lightbox, then set the cursor to pointer so it looks clickable - Options are default, cursor, crosshair
  • Set Responsive : Set to true to activate responsivenes. If you have a theme which changes size, or tablets which change orientation this is needed to be on. Possible Values: "True", "False"
  • Set Image Cross Fade : Set to true to activate simultaneous crossfade of images on gallery change. Possible Values: "True", "False"
  • Set Border Size : Border Size of the ZoomBox - Must be set here as border taken into account for plugin calculations
  • Set Border Colour : Select Border Colour
  • Set Easing : Set to true to activate easing. Possible Values: "True", "False"

Results in frontend

1 - Support

- Ticket Support: If you have found any bugs or have some other problems with this extension. If the problem is not covered there, you can contact us via support center. We will respond as soon as possible (within 24 – 48 hours, usually much faster)

2 - Contact

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